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Five Qualities of a Competent Pharmacist

A pharmacist is a health care professional that dispenses medication and drugs prescribed by physicians. They educate both physicians and patients about various prescriptions and how to administer them effectively and safely. A professional pharmacist should have a license of operation and a doctor of pharmacy degree. Consider these five basic qualities of a competent pharmacist.
Pay Attention to Detail
This job involves filling prescriptions that could cause harm or side effects to patients. Therefore, this practitioner has to pay attention to detail so that they can correctly choose and properly fill prescriptions. To protect patients, no error is allowed in this field. 
Must Have Good Analytical Skills
A pharmacist should be able to analyze a patient's exact needs, and understand all potential risks or side effects that the drug prescribed could have on patients. He or she uses the patient's history of all drugs taken and the latest diagnosis from a healthcare professional to ensure the patient's safety is maintained. 
Communication Skills
This specialist spends a lot of time speaking to patients and physicians. Effective communication skills both on the phone and in person are very critical. This will help them instruct patients on how to take medication, advise physicians about the right medication for patients and direct other pharmacy personnel such interns and technicians. Customers return to Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy because of the rapport they have with pharmacists such as Myles Haverluck of Haverluck Enterprises Ltd.
Mathematics and Science Skills
Mathematics is necessary while preparing medication, instructing patients on how to take medication and measuring count pills and dosages. Science skills especially in anatomy, chemistry and biology help a pharmacist understand drug composition and the manner in which the human body may react to these drugs.  
Good Memory and Patience
Pharmacists should be able to recall hundreds of drugs, their interactions and side effects. For a pharmacist to handle patients, physicians and calls from insurance providers, he or she needs to be patient. The job is overwhelming and may require multitasking. At some point, they have to deal with frustrated clients. This also means pharmacists should have a high tolerance for stress.
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